Ben Affleck as Batman and the new Batmobile
Ben Affleck as Batman ZackSnyder/twitter

While placing The Dark Knight in a film opposite Superman for the first time is definitely a fresh and exciting way to reboot Batman, die-hard fans of the DC superhero were left wondering if and when the Bat will get his own standalone movie after Christopher Nolan's super successful Dark Knight Trilogy. Well, here are some exciting updates on that.

Despite all the hard work going on at Warner Bros and DC Entertainment to establish the DC Cinematic Universe, the solo Batman film has not really taken a backseat. According to Latino-Review, The Batman (that's the official title, as of now), starring Ben Affleck in the lead role has got a writer.

Chris Terrio (who wrote Batman v Superman and will pen both Justice League movies) is set to work on The Batman, with Affleck directing the film as well, reveals the website report.

Considering the fact that The Batman is rumoured to release in November 2018, between The Justice League Part 1 (2017) and Part 2 (2019), it's safe to assume that the film's plot might be strongly linked to the overall DC Cinematic Universe, unless the makers decide to set the story in a different time period.

Meanwhile, a latest ComicBookMovie report hints at another major superhero team-up flick in the works:

"...that mysterious movie Marvel has dated for 2018? If all goes to plan with Fantastic Four in August, that's being reserved for a crossover with the X-Men," states the website.