Batman and Harley Quinn
Batman and Harley Quinn featurette shows Melissa Rauch voicing the DC villainess Warner Bros

After Suicide Squad had a successful run at the box-office, one female character has made her presence felt in the DC's extended universe – the villainous Harley Quinn. Her popularity amongst fans is set to put her in the spotlight once again as she joins forces with Batman and Nightwing to take down some DC villains.

A brand new DC animated film, Batman and Harley Quinn, is in the works and the first look of the project was unveiled in a behind-the-scenes featurette. Filled with interviews of the cast and some shots of the leading trio, the sneak peek video also reveals an unlikely collaboration between the Dark Knight and the psychotic Harley Quinn.

IBTimes UK compiles a look at every detail from the Batman and Harley Quinn film including plot and cast:

Who is playing Harley?

Unlike the characters of Batman and his partner Nightwing, the crazy clown-like girlfriend of Joker will have a brand new voice. Actress Melissa Rauch of The Big Bang Theory fame is set to bring the animated villain to life as she teams-up with the DC superheroes.

In addition to the voice of Harley, Kevin Conroy from the original Batman: The Animated Series – which is believed to have artistically inspired the new film – will be starring as the caped crusader. Once again, Nightwing's character will be voiced by Loren Lester.

Check out the sneak peek below:

Dishing about her character, Rauch offered some insight on what to expect from the animated Harley. "I love that Harley is a badass and, beyond that, that she uses her humor as another weapon in her arsenal," she explained. "She knows just how to diffuse a situation with her humor, and how to incite a situation with her sarcasm."

Other cast members include John DiMaggio, Eric Bauza, Rob Paulsen, Robin Atkin Downes, Mindy Sterling, and Trevor Devall.

Batman and Harley Quinn: the plot

Will dreadful circumstances can force the Dark Knight to team-up with the psychotic Harley Quinn? There seems to be a global catastrophe looming at large as Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man plan to turn the planet's animals into plant hybrids. In order to save the world from the impending dangers of hybrid monsters, Batman must seek help from the jester-dressed villainess.

The team-up is particularly interesting for DC fans considering Harley Quinn's long-standing romance with Poison Ivy in various comic series including the current Harley Quinn and Bombshells.

Unlike the dark universe of DC movies, the animated film seems to employ a great deal of humour and sarcasm, something that's evident in the comic banters between Batman and Harley. In one particular scene, Batman walks in on Harley and Nightwing as they enjoy a tickling session – hinting at the flirtatious nature of the villainess.

"They've grabbed these characters that are so established from Batman: The Animated Series," Wes Gleason, voice director explains, "and found a way to spin them in this '80s roadshow that's full of action, but yet has all the comedic notes to it as they still try to save the day."

While the rating for the film hasn't been disclosed yet, the trailer doesn't indicate a children's animation either. Batman and Harley Quinn is due out this summer through digital download, Blu-ray and DVD.