Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Batman v Superman trailer release update Warner Bros

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer might release a lot sooner than expected.

According to latest reports, a five-second teaser for the hugely-anticipated film will be posted online by director Zack Snyder on 16 April followed by screenings of the full trailer in selected theatres in the US on 20 April.

You can click here to see if and when the teaser video is posted online.

This new piece of information was posted by Latino Review scoopster El Mayimbe/ Umberto Gonzalez who also claims that the first Batman v Superman trailer will be attached to the prints of Avengers: Age Of Ultron which will be released on 1 May in the US!

Gonzalez' post reads, "HUGE #BatmanvSuperman RUMOR! Zack Snyder at 9am on Thursday, an hour before the start of Star Wars celebration will tweet the first five seconds of the new #BatmanvSupermanDawnofJustice trailer on his Twitter. You will then be able to sign up to view the full trailer in a theater on Monday April 20th. Also, the trailer will in fact be in front of prints of #AVENGERS #AGEOFULTRON! BOOM!"

If these reports are true, then it definitely looks like Zack Snyder is all set to take his 'rivalry fun' with the Star Wars team a notch higher by posting the Batman v Superman teaser right before the Star Wars celebration kicks off - where the new trailer of Star Wars 7 is rumoured to be unveiled!

While it remains to be seen what kind of footage the five-second teaser reveals, it will definitely manage to steal some of Star Wars' thunder.

"The Age of Ultron attachment is less confirmed, but since that film opens overseas beginning on 22 April, that could be the reason for the 20 April theatrical bow in the US. And if the trailer will be in theaters, that means it will also likely go online," speculates Slash Film.

Why will Marvel show rival studio Warner Bros' movie trailer?

"Apparently, the two comic juggernauts [Marvel and DC Entertainment] have brokered a mutually beneficial peace, with the Dawn of Justice trailer set to be shown in theaters ahead of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Considering the projected size of Ultron's opening weekend audience, that means the largest exposure for Batman V Superman humanly possible," states a Screen Rant report.