Batman v Superman
Fans can watch an R-rated version of Batman v Superman on home video Warner Bros

Looks like R-rated superhero films are the flavour of the season. With a bloody and explicit Deadpool breaking a few box-office records, studio and filmmakers are warming up to the idea of making superhero movies a little more for adults only! No wonder, Zack Snyder and Warner Bros are coming up with an R-rated "Ultimate Edition" of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, on home video.

The new Batman, Ben Affleck, says he understands both sides. "I'm a parent of young kids, and I feel like I wouldn't want to have a Batman v Superman that I couldn't show to my younger kids," he told Entertainment Weekly.

"But on the same token, as an adult, I like to see movies that are R-rated. I think nowadays because we have so many means of distribution and ways that we can do different things, it's the creative solution to a creative challenge," stated the actor adding that grownups will be able to see "the more adult version of that movie," when it releases this summer on home video.

So apart from a little more intense violence, what can fans expect to see in this Ultimate Edition? The EW report reveals that some of what's being added to the Ultimate Edition counts as a spoiler, " we won't reveal all of the extra material". At this point in time, it seems like some minor characters in the theatrical cut could be given expanded storylines.

Moreover, director Zack Snyder reveals that "there's just a lot of these Easter Eggs in the Director's Cut that I think are gonna be fun for everyone."

Some of the additions are aimed at teasing upcoming DC movies, like 2017's Justice League film, which Snyder begins shooting in April. "There's one giant one that I won't tell you about yet that speaks to what's gonna go on in the greater Justice League universe," he said. Maybe we'll get something that'll confirm Superman's rumoured cameo in the solo Wonder Woman movie.