Battlefield 1
A screenshot from Battlefield 1. EA

EA confirmed recently that a new Battlefield game would be at EA Play in June ahead of a presumed release later this year, and now an apparent leak has revealed more about the upcoming shooter.

After a successful return to a historical setting in 2016's Battlefield 1, EA DICE's series will swap the First World War for the Second, according to Venturebeat's sources, backed up by Eurogamer.

In doing so, Battlefield will follow in the footsteps of rival series Call of Duty, which returned to World War 2 last year.

It also appears that EA's trend of convoluted naming conventions will continue.

Battlefield 1 was in fact the fifth mainline game in the series, but elected for a title that reflected its period setting. This new game however, is set to be called Battlefield V after being called Battlefield 2 during the earlier stages of its development.

It's also the first game in the series to use a roman numeral, if indeed it is one and not just the letter 'V' - as in 'V for Victory'.

Venturebeat's sources supplied a screenshot from an alleged developer build of the game, depicting the Battlefield V logo (embedded below).

EA confirmed that its "next Battlefield experience" will be playable at EA Play, the event it holds alongside industry trade show E3 in June. The event is set to take place from 9-11 June.

Shortly after, DICE's senior video and media director Randy Evans revealed on social media that the new game's trailer was in production, implying that the game will be announced sooner than the June event - which would certainly be in line with Battlefield 1's reveal.