Overwatch Brigitte
Artwork depicting Brigitte in action. Blizzard

Blizzard has announced the next playable hero to be added to hit shooter Overwatch, and as expected following a string of teases she is none other than Brigitte Lindholm: the daughter of fellow playable hero Torbjörrn.

Brigitte joins the public test region (PTR) server today, allowing PC players to get to grips with how she operates. She'll be introduced to the roster of character in the live game in a few weeks, including PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The Overwatch team announced her with an animated origin story and a developer update explaining her abilities and how they fit into the finely-turned multiplayer game.

Her origin story builds on the established lore of recent teases. Brigitte was brought up by her Overwatch operative father, and has always been close to fellow hero and godfather Reinhardt.

Her admiration for them both, and tutorship under Reinhardt, led her to become a hero herself, but not one seeking glory. Instead, she's a Support character in every way.

As Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan explains, Brigitte is a Support class hero but also has elements of a Tank.

Her main weapon is a 'Rocket Flail': a melee weapon first and foremost that extends on a flail to add some range. Her 'Whip Shot' ability lets her throw out the flail over a long distance and knock enemies back.

Brigitte also has a shield which can deploy a barrier, and which she can also use to bash other players a she dashes forward. Her Ultimate move is 'Rally' during which she moves faster and provides allies nearby with armour that remains until it's removed by damage.

Another ability of hers is 'Inspire', which means whenever she hits an enemy with her flail, she also heals nearby allies. Finally, Brigitte also has a Repair Pack she can throw to heal heroes on her team. The healing it provides can also exceed their health limit and convert into armour.

Brigitte is the 27th Overwatch hero overall and the first to be added in 2018. If Blizzard follows the pattern set so far, two more heroes will be released this year: one in July, another in November.