Cryptocurrency conglomerate BTCC has added support for Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash to its Mobi wallet. The Mobi Multicurrency wallet now allows convenient storage of BTC, LTC and ETH, according to a statement.

Following its launch in March 2017, Mobi now has users from more than 170 countries. The introduction of LTC, ETH, and BCC to Mobi allows customers to manage all of their crypto assets in a convenient and reliable mobile app.

"Mobi now makes it easy for crypto users to store, send, and receive their BTC, LTC, ETH, and BCC in one simple and secure mobile app," said BTCC's chief executive officer Bobby Lee.

Lee also said that Mobi will continue introducing new features as part of its mission to become the "best mobile wallet in this new age of digital ownership".

"The introduction of new cryptocurrencies on Mobi is just another step in our mission to find ways to positively contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem," said Lee. "We'll continue finding ways to make managing digital assets easier and more convenient worldwide."