Belgium boss Marc Wilmots has revealed Thibaut Courtois will return to Chelsea after the World Cup while Jose Mourinho is considering parting ways with legend Petr Cech.

There have been plenty of speculations over who will be Chelsea number one next season as reports in Spain keep saying the Belgium international wants to remain at Atletico Madrid for one more season while Mourinho himself recently claimed he wants him back at west London.

"When the World Cup in Brazil is over, Courtois will be coming straight back to Stamford Bridge - end of story," Mourinho said recently.

And now Wilmots has confirmed Mourinho's intention while suggesting the Portuguese manager is also ready to offload Cech.

The Belgium boss was caught off guard during a conversation about the Chelsea goalkeeping situation with former Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier.

Houllier asked: "Does he [Courtois] go back to Chelsea? Wilmotts returned: "He goes back to Chelsea,"

"They will sell Cech, then?" continues Houllier, "If possible, yes," replied the Belgian coach.

Should Wilmots be right Courtois will be Chelsea number one next season with Mark Schwarzer as his back-up.

Indeed, the veteran keeper recently revealed that Mourinho wants him at Stamford Bridge for another year, suggesting that either Cech or Courtois will not be at west London next season.

"I've had messages from the boss, he's very keen for me to re-sign with the club," Schwarzer said.

"And that's all I really need to know -- that he wants to keep me at the club and I'll leave the rest up to the powers-that-be to sort it all out. I'm confident it'll be sorted out in the next week or two."

"I still want to stay in Europe as long as possible. If I have the chance to stay at a club like Chelsea, I'd love to do so because it's an unbelievable experience."