A pair of intrepid cyclists in Brussels have braved more than a few bruises to create a video that has become an internet hit to highlight the plight of those who choose to travel round the Belgian capital on two wheels.

The comic video, which shows its makers crashing into street furniture as they cycle round the city, has become something of an online sensation, reaching more than 100,000 views in just over three weeks since it was published on 11 February.

YouTube video Brussels Bike Jungle - The Impact Of Infrastructure was co-created by cyclist Bastien de Zutter, who braved the bruises to highlight a serious issue. De Zutter said he hoped to speed up investment in cycling by highlighting the European capital's poor planning.

The amateur video reflects a movement of growing discontent among cyclists in the city, in contrast to European cities that lead the way for city cycling, such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

A crowd-funding campaign from 2014 raised over €7,000 (£5,028, $7,599) towards Velodossier, an interactive website where cyclists can borrow a GoPro camera to film problem areas throughout the city that can then be uploaded on to the website's map. The co-developer of the site, Joost Vandenbroele, said he hoped it would encourage the establishment of more bike lanes in Brussels.

"We wanted to collect images of bike lanes, non-existent or dangerous bike lanes in Brussels. It is a fact that there are more and more cyclists in Brussels but the infrastructure, according to us, is lacking behind. There's not enough safe infrastructure in Brussels. And this is why we created a website, so people could post their images and their videos on this website," he said.

Vandenbroele's campaign extends beyond the website, with plans to explore legal avenues to put greater pressure on the government.

Pascal Smet, Brussels' minister for mobility and public works, said there was still a long way to go, saying the city has traditionally been car-oriented.

In spite of its dangerous reputation - particularly in comparison to neighbouring Flemish and Dutch towns - more and more cyclists are choosing to take to the road in Brussels.