Soldiiers patrol streets of Brussels
Soldiers patrol the streets of Brussels as the Belgian capital goes into lockdown. Getty

The offices of Belgian commercial TV station VTM were evacuated on Sunday (22 November) due to a possible terror threat. The evacuation took place on Medialaan road in the Flemish municipality of Vilvoorde. The TV station's staff were believed to have been transported to the Eurovolley Center nearby, while the street was closed for all traffic.

Meanwhile, Mechelen railway station was also evacuated after a bomb alert. However, the alert turned out to be a false alarm.

The evacuations come amid increased security alerts in Belgium, where the capital city of Brussels has been on security lockdown since Saturday (21 November) as police search for terror suspects. The country is on the highest level of alert after officials received information about a "specific and imminent" Paris-style attack.

In Brussels, soldiers have been patrolling the streets while a manhunt is underway for Paris fugitive Salah Abdeslam, who is still on the run nearly 10 days after the attacks took place. On Sunday, officials widened their search for militants, with media reports indicating that two terrorists were at large in the city.

Brussels' metro station and shopping malls remained closed over the weekend as soldiers patrolled the streets and the public was warned to avoid crowded areas. A number of concerts and sports matches were cancelled on Saturday.

Belgium's Interior Minister Jan Jambon has said that the terror alert level would not be brought down once Abdeslam was caught. Speaking to broadcaster VRT: "It is a threat that goes beyond just that one person. We're looking at more things, that's why we've put in place such a concentration of resources."

Six British nationals were arrested by Belgian police near Brussels on 21 November. The men were seen driving three old ambulances 20 miles from the capital city, inside which there were clothes, food and money. There has been speculation that the men were on their way to Syria. They are now said to be cooperating with the authorities.