A throng of screaming Justin Bieber fans gathered outside the upscale Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires Thursday (November 7) hoping to catch a glimpse of the pop star in the South American country for part of his Believe Tour.

The Canadian singer and teen heart throb arrived in Buenos Aires after performances in Paraguay and Brazil.

The artist's Latin American tour has been hit by controversies.

He angered Brazilian fans by walking off stage after a fan threw a water bottle at him while he was performing in Sao Paulo and police in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday (November 6) said they were investigating whether Bieber had illegally spray painted graffiti on an exterior wall of a beachside hotel.

A recent video that hit the internet earlier this week has also caused controversy. Sources close to Justin Bieber have denied the mysterious brunette who filmed the Baby singer sleeping was a prostitute.

The grainy 15-second footage taken by the girl shows the 19-year-old asleep on a huge sofa wrapped up in a grey blanket

After filming the pop star sleeping, the beaming brunette turns the camera on herself before blowing Justin a kiss.

It is unclear who the girl is but it could possibly be model Gaby del Campo, who tweeted a picture of a fistful of $100 bills saying: "Thanks @justinbieber for the fresh dolla bills," or a Brazilian woman called Tati Neves, according to Perez Hilton.

But according to sources, she is definitely not prostitute.

Bieber's publicist did not respond to calls for comment. But Beliebers in Argentina remained unfazed by the incidents.

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