She has just denied appearing in a sex tape, but that hasn't stopped Bella Thorne from posting Instagram pictures of herself in a sizzling red bikini.

The 19-year-old actress – who has well and truly cut ties with her former Disney image thanks to an image overhaul of vibrant hair colours and punky clothing – treated her followers to two hot and heavy bikini-clad pictures.

Looking over her shoulder in one shot, Bella captioned it: "Side eye ❤️" while she wrote "ITS HOT AF OUTSIDE " on another snap.

Proving she's still entertaining her 15.8m followers, one person commented: "Bella I swear i am never tired of looking at ur pics "

Another condemned her as a bad role model, writing: "U are such a bad influence on people u used to be so inspiring and I used to look up to you and so did other kids, but if this is how u turned out then I don't want to look up to u".

Others disagreed, with one claiming: "So damn hot!!!" as someone else said: "You're so beautiful"

Bella – who is currently starring as Paige on the Freeform series, Famous in Love – recently took to Twitter to deny she was in an X-rated video.

Quick to shut down speculation over a Snapchat clip showing a woman masturbating, she tweeted: "Hahahahaha wait you guys think this is real? Hahahaha. I don't even masturbate like that. Where's the vibrator thooo."


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The woman, who was alleged to have been Thorne, can be heard saying: "Oh finally, I really needed a father." Closer inspection of the clip proves that the voice had been dubbed and clips of someone else masturbating were edited in.

Thorne – who was romantically linked to Kourtney Kardashian's ex partner Scott Disick earlier this summer – expressed her disgust at the video, which reportedly first surfaced in 2016.

She wrote in a follow-up message: "The worst part of this video is them making fun of the fact that I lost my father. You're right. Me being."