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A court in Cardiff has heard how a mother of two was killed after two young men allegedly raced their cars at 70mph down a road with a speed limit of 30mph in September 2016. Jenna Miller, aged 30, was killed as she pulled out of a petrol station when her car was struck by one of the speeding vehicles.

The prosecution argues that though only one car was involved in the crash, both drivers caused Miller's death on 27 September, the BBC reported.

Joseph Fettah, 19, who was driving a VW Golf, denies a charge of causing death by dangerous driving - a charge which 23-year-old Jamie Oaten, the driver of the Audi A5 that struck Miller's car, has admitted.

"Jenna was mum to two wonderfully polite boys aged six and 10. They were her world," her family said in a tribute after her tragic death. "We will never forget Jenna's infectious and wicked sense of humour. The best way to describe her was 'happy go lucky'."

The crash took place on the A4055 near Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan, where Miller was from. The race allegedly started after Fettah stopped behind Oaten at a traffic light just 500m from the scene of the crash.

"One young man encouraged another young man to drive faster and faster and their concentration went from other road users to each other," prosecutor Matthew Cobbe told the court.

"Both men were more concerned about their race as opposed to the welfare of other road users and those around them. It was that impromptu race that caused the death of Jenna Miller. Both men share responsibility for her death."

Fettah denies driving dangerously on the night in question. Oaten will be sentenced after the ongoing trial at Cardiff Crown Court concludes.