A photographer spotted a couple of gardeners on Ben Affleck's driveway on Monday throwing out the life-size cutout of Ana de Armas following the couple's breakup.

The cutout was part of a prank the actor's kids played on him in June. The actress even participated in the act and they were photographed giggling as they placed it on his driveway.

Now, that life-size cutout of de Armas is gone as the gardeners wrangled with it so it would fit into the garbage bin. Photos from Daily Mail showed them trying to put it in. But seeing that it was too large, they decided to cut it in half instead.

A close-up look at the man with the cutout prompted speculations on his identity. Fans thought he resembled the actor's brother, Casey Affleck. Twitter immediately enjoyed the thought that the 45-year-old "Towie" star trashed the standee.

at the landfill looking for the ana de armas cardboard cutout pic.twitter.com/teGMxBJg04

— sza’s real gf (@ctrldakota) January 19, 2021

"Cannot think of anything funnier than Affleck making Casey Affleck throw out the life-sized cutout of Ana de Armas that ben had," one netizen wrote and another commented, "Casey Affleck dressing up as a groundskeeper to throw a life-sized cutout of Ana de Armas into a dumpster was absolutely on my bingo card."

"Ben Affleck getting Casey Affleck to throw out a life-sized cutout of Ana de Armas after their breakup is the funniest Hollywood thing to ever happen," one wrote.

me trying to find the ana de armas cardboard cutout so i can steal it pic.twitter.com/L3m2pFdKRD

— boobs (@Iebsianism) January 19, 2021

On Monday, news that Affleck and de Armas has broken up caught the internet by storm. Fans had expected them to last long given the PDA they showed amid the pandemic. They made their relationship Instagram official in March 2020 after they filmed "Deep Water" in late 2019, where they played husband and wife. The film will be out in August 2021.

A source claimed the "Knives Out" actress was the one who broke things off because of their "complicated" relationship. It is said their split was caused by conflicting choices on where to live. She does not want to settle in Los Angeles where Affleck obviously has to be for the sake of his kids. Another source claimed their split was "mutual" and "completely amicable."

Affleck and de Armas have yet to comment on reports that they have split. But trashing the actress' cutout is as good as any confirmation that their relationship is over.

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