Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange is expected to release on 28 October in the UK Marvel

The upcoming Doctor Strange film depicts a brow beaten Stephen Strange trying to make sense of the new world of magic that he has entered into, so it is up to the actor behind the character – Benedict Cumberbatch – to explain the true persona of the Marvel superhero he is depicting.

In an interview with Empire, the Sherlock actor explained that while trailer clips may have depicted him as being humbled by his situation, Strange's arrogance will shine through and is exactly what Cumberbatch found attractive in the role.

"The lure as an actor is the script, the director, Kevin [Feige], and talking about how to make a character written in the '60s and '70s relevant now," he said. "To make him slightly less arrogant. Arrogant, but also humorous," he explained.

The 40-year-old English actor also recollected reacting to the footage from the movie clips that were screened at the San Diego Comic Con in July. "Some bits made me think, 'Wow! God. That's what I'm part of'," he said. "You have conceptual art that they show you, but you only really realize what you're part of at the end of the process," he told the magazine.

In the cover page interview, Cumberbatch also spoke about the trailer's Big Cape Moment, where Strange whips his signature red costume around his shoulders in dramatic fashion. "It was wonderful to see that moment get a cheer," the actor mentioned. "He's really earned it by then."

Doctor Strange is slated to release in theatres on 28 October in the UK and 4 November in the US.