Police in Berlin have arrested a refugee suspected of planning terror attacks on an airport on behalf of the Islamic State (Isis/Daesh) group.

The 27-old was arrested in an apartment in the German capital's Schoenberg district on Wednesday.
Police have not disclosed the man's identity, and said he had arrived in Germany in 2015.

Police sources told local media the man is suspected of being a member of terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS), and of planning attacks on one of the city's two airports.

According to multiple reports he and an associate of the same age had been under the surveillance by security officials for some time.

Berlin police said the suspect is Syrian; Die Welt identitified him as Ashraf al-T, who was born in Tunisia but entered Germany using a Syrian passport.

It comes weeks after Syrian refugee Jaber Al-Bakr was arrested by police in Chemnitz following a three day manhunt. Al-Bakr was also suspected of being a member of IS and of planning to attack Berlin airport.

He killed himself in prison days after his arrest.