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Best e-Bikes with Regenerative Braking Systems
Kay Liedl/Unsplash

These also minimise their ecological footprint since they harness kinetic energy that would otherwise be wasted. It's a greener mode of transport that's perfect for urbanites wanting to reduce their carbon emissions and noise pollution.

Here are the Best e-Bikes with Regenerative Braking Systems that we highly recommend.

1. Stromer ST5

Stromer 5

The Stromer ST5 represents what e-bike engineering should be. It allows riders to tailor their journey for either a sporty edge or a comfortable cruise. This flexibility is made possible by the suspension fork and a Stromer suspension kit, complemented by a versatile carrier. The bike's innovative OMNI system keeps you connected, transforming your smartphone into a command centre to track speed, battery life, distance covered, and location. The ST5 stands out with its new ABS feature, being the first Speed Pedelec to integrate a fully-fledged anti-lock braking system.

The SYNO Sport motor, boasting an 850 W output (650 W in the US) and a torque of 48 Nm, propels the ST5 to impressive speeds, adhering to L1e-B and US Class 3 standards. It's powered by a robust BQ983 battery, capable of delivering a maximum range of up to 180 km (110 miles in the US). The Stromer CR246 charger refuels the battery in approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes. Notable features include keyless operation, Smartlock, customizable settings, a display showing the remaining range, and GPS positioning, all combining to make the ST5 not just a bike, but a sophisticated travel companion for the modern rider.

2. Gocycle G4

Gocycle G4
Gocycle G4

The Gocycle G4 is an innovative, cutting-edge e-bike designed for the urban commuter and cycling enthusiast alike. At the heart of the e-bike is the all-new G4drive™ electric motor that is both smooth and quiet. It stands out for delivering increased torque while maintaining a compact size, setting a new standard in electric motor efficiency and integration.

Its carbon fibre single-sided front fork, which encases the fully-integrated G4drive™ motor, has a unique single-sided design that reduces stress and the bike's overall weight. You're guaranteed with smooth and flowing lines.

The Gocycle G4 includes an integrated USB port that allows for convenient phone charging while on the move. You stay connected and powered up during all your trips.

Connectivity is further improved with the introduction of low-energy Bluetooth to enhance the interaction between the phone and the Gocycle app. This connection ensures riders have easy access to essential ride data and bike settings.

The Gocycle G4, with these advanced features, redefines expectations for folding electric bikes, combining comfort, style, and performance in a uniquely versatile package.

3. Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0

The Turbo Vado SL stands out as a highly versatile and efficient e-bike, perfect for everyday urban commuting, quick errands, and exploring the town. It boasts an integrated 320Wh internal battery, offering an impressive range of up to 90 miles, which is ideal if you're taking long commutes. This range is further extendable with the addition of an optional compact range extender, which provides additional pedaling assistance and is easily removable for convenient charging anywhere.

The e-bike is designed with practicality in mind. Bright, built-in lights at both the front and rear ensure visibility for safe riding, day or night. The DRYTECH fenders are a great addition to keep water and road spray at bay, while a standard rear rack invites you to securely attach bags and panniers for carrying essentials or shopping.

Its Pathfinder tires are designed to provide both grip and speed in various conditions, even in rough terrain. The Turbo Connect display adds to its functionality to help keep track of ride metrics. It also allows for effortless pedaling over hills and through traffic, boasting a cruise range of up to 80 miles. Remarkably, it's 40% lighter than the average e-bike, thanks to its lightweight E5 Aluminum frame.

4. Trek Super Commuter+ 8

Trek Super Commuter+ 8

This state-of-the-art e-bike is designed for the ultimate commuting experience. Its high-performance, hydroformed frame integrates both the battery and Motor Armor seamlessly, offering a sleek and efficient design. The frame's rigidity is complemented by a carbon fork with a thru-axle, providing stability and responsive handling.

In terms of drivetrain, the Super Commuter+ 8 boasts high-quality components. It features Shimano XT Rapid Fire shifters for a swift 11-speed transition and a Shimano XT Shadow Plus rear derailleur for smooth gear changes. The aluminium crank with an 18T sprocket, coupled with a Shimano M8000 11-42T, 11-speed cassette, and a Shimano HG-601 chain, ensures efficient power transfer and a wide range of gears.

The bike's pedals are crafted from aluminium with rubber inserts for a non-slip grip. Comfort and control are enhanced by the Bontrager Evoke 2 saddle, Bontrager Race seatpost, and Bontrager Lowriser handlebar. The ergonomic Bontrager Satellite Elite grips come with a lock-on feature, and the Bontrager Elite Blendr stem is adjustable to suit the rider's preference.

The Super Commuter+ 8 is powered by a Bosch Performance CX motor, delivering 250 watts and 75 Nm of torque, capped at 25 kph. The Bosch PowerPack 500 Wh battery is elegantly integrated into the frame, and the Bosch Purion controller offers intuitive operation. Visibility is enhanced by the Supernova Mini 2 front light and Supernova E3 rear light, while the Pletscher Comp Flex kickstand adds convenience when parked.

5. Brompton Electric C Line Explore

Brompton Electric C Line Explore

The Brompton Electric C Line Explore is a remarkable blend of compact design and efficient electric power, tailored for the urban explorer and commuter. This folding e-bike combines portability and electric power, and is designed for urban exploration and beyond. It features a 6-speed drivetrain, offering a broad range of gears that make it ideal for city streets and varying terrains. The bike's compact folding design is a hallmark of Brompton, allowing for easy transportation and storage in urban settings.

The bike rolls on 349 x 35C Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres, known for their puncture resistance and reflective sidewalls, making it a reliable choice for varied urban terrains.

Its electric system is centred around its 250W hub motor located in the front wheel, providing ample power for assisted riding. This motor is designed to make cycling effortless, especially in hilly areas or during long commutes. The smart pedal assist feature adds to the convenience, offering three levels of assistance to match the rider's needs.

For protection against the elements, the bike includes front and rear mudguards with a rubberised flap, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable ride in wet conditions. The Brompton standard saddle, with its 147mm width and black rails, provides comfort even on longer rides.

6. BMW Urban Hybrid E-Bike

BMW Urban Hybrid E-Bike

Nothing comes close to this e-bike's sleek and sophisticated look that's a huge favourite among urban cyclists. It features a frame in a matte black finish that's both stylish and elegant. The rigid Suntour fork, also in matte black, complements the frame and contributes to the bike's clean lines and sporty aesthetic.

Equipped with a hydraulic disc brake system from Shimano, featuring 180 mm rotors, the bike offers exceptional stopping power and control, essential for navigating busy urban environments. The sporty grip handles and pedals are designed for comfort and efficiency, catering to the needs of the active rider.

The saddle is a Selle Royal E-Bike Saddle eZone, specifically designed for e-bike riders for enhanced comfort and support. The 28-inch Rody Airline 4 Plus wheels add to the bike's sleek appearance. The BMW typical 4 spoke pattern on the wheels is not only visually striking but also a nod to the brand's automotive heritage.

The new HMI display with an integrated remote is a highlight of this bike so riders have essential information at a glance and allows for easy control of the bike's functions.