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Best Motorised Surfboards
Miguel A Amutio/Unsplash

Many of these are also equipped with eco-friendly electric motors to comply with strict regulations on water pollution. Because of their versatility, accessibility, and sustainability, motorised surfboards have moved beyond being a passing trend to becoming a must-have in water sports activities.

Here are the Best Motorised Surfboards that we recommend.

1. Aerofoils Adventure Audi e-tron foil

Aerofoils Adventure Audi e-tron foil

The Aerofoils E-Tron Foil is an innovative electric-powered hydrofoil designed for surfing. This surfboard offers exceptional efficiency and speed through its electric propulsion system, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride. The foil's sleek design enhances stability and control while reducing drag, resulting in longer rides and increased manoeuvrability. With its eco-friendly electric motor, the E-Tron Foil provides a quiet and emissions-free surfing experience, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced riders seeking an environmentally conscious and high-performance surfing option.

2. SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard

SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard

This is a lightweight and long-range motorised surfboard that offers a thrilling surfing experience. Featuring a high-quality carbon construction, it ensures durability and reduced weight for easy handling. With its powerful motor, this surfboard provides impressive speed and acceleration, allowing riders to ride the waves effortlessly and cover long distances. The SAVA Jet SurfBoard is perfect for those seeking an exciting surfing adventure, making it an excellent choice for surf enthusiasts who crave both performance and endurance.

3. JetSurf TITANIUM DFI RS (Petrol option)

JetSurf TITANIUM DFI RS (Petrol option)

This cutting-edge motorised surfboard designed for high-performance surfing features advanced Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) technology, which enhances fuel efficiency and power output. With its titanium construction, it offers exceptional durability and strength while remaining lightweight for agile manoeuvring. The DFI RS model is known for its impressive speed and acceleration, ensuring an exhilarating ride on the water. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a novice, this surfboard's combination of power and durability thanks to its integrated winglet that sucks more water to increase your board's performance.

4. JetSurf Electric

JetSurf Electric
JetSurf Electric

The Electric Surfboard from JetSurf is one of the most popular additions to their lineup, offering an eco-friendly and efficient surfing experience. Enjoy the waves without the need for traditional fuel to power your board while helping reduce harmful emissions to the environment. It provides riders with a quiet and clean way to optimise each ride. Its electric propulsion system offers smooth and controlled rides, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a sustainable and user-friendly surfing option. Whether you're a beginner or experienced surfer, you'll appreciate this board.

5. Manta Foils Voyager

Manta Foils Voyager

This foil board is one of the toughest, most stable boards in the market today. Featuring easy manoeuvrability for both beginners and advanced riders, you can be sure to enjoy each ride with ease. The sleek design enhances hydrodynamics for smoother glides. The Voyager is an excellent choice for those seeking an enjoyable and adaptable foiling adventure so you can explore more water conditions with confidence.

6. Awake RÄVIK 3

Awake Rävik 3

It's hard to find an elite electric surfboard that other boards can rival on unparalleled performance on the water. With its powerful electric motor powered by 4-layer safety-protected Awake Flex batteries, it offers exhilarating speed and agility. The RÄVIK 3 is perfect for riders of all skill levels and you can choose from different foot strap configurations. If you're the wild type, why not go strapless and dare the waves for an afternoon of exhilarating experience?

7. Raddin Freeride

Raddin Freeride

The high-end design of this surfboard includes layers of glass and carbon fibre, resin, paint, and varnish gives this surfboard a unique look and feel. It is optimised for slicing through waves and choppy waters, with features that direct water spray down during turns, providing added thrust. The Limited Hull Technology (LTD) assures you only get precision-moulded cores for better durability and a distinctive look. The twin fin setup on the Freeride enhances control, and you can customise stability further with different-sized FCS-II Standard Fins, available from surf shops or online retailers. And to make things even better, Raddin offers its riders an app where they can monitor their ride sessions and even connect with fellow surfers.

8. Lampuga The Air

Lampuga The Air

Designed for your great water adventures, this surfboard offers effortless manoeuvrability and thrilling speed. Its lightweight yet robust construction, along with an innovative design, allows any type of rider to glide smoothly over waves and choppy waters. The Lampuga Air comes as a complete package for a hassle-free and enjoyable surfing experience. Worried about recharging your board? Its plug-and-play battery system allows you to have an effortless recharge at quick speed. It comes in seven colours.

9. Flite FliteBoard

Flite FliteBoard

Fliteboard offers a choice between carbon fibre made with Italian Carbon Innegra and fibreglass boards for durability and high performance at a more accessible price point. These boards are designed to accommodate riders of all levels and ages, which makes it perfect for family fun or sharing with friends. Each Fliteboard is hand-finished with meticulous care, reflecting its bespoke craftsmanship that has earned a spot at the prestigious Red Dot Design Museum. The board is perfectly proportioned to ensure a quick and stable ride and give you the right balance between performance and stability. The Dual Drive feature allows riders to switch between a jet and a prop in seconds for maximum safety and versatility.

10. OLO One


Handcrafted in Hamburg, Germany, using carbon fibre and components sourced from Germany, the EU, and Japan, the OLO One stringent safety standards. It's designed to embrace freedom, playfulness, and the connection between humanity and nature, delivering an adrenaline rush to thrill-seekers and adventurers. Equipped with a modular power box for improved performance and acceleration, twin fins for enhanced speed and stability, and a swallow tail for better hold and traction, this electric surfboard offers ultimate manoeuvrability. It features a Bluetooth throttle control, a glove compartment for valuables, an LED battery indicator, and a swappable battery system for quick exchanges in less than 30 seconds, ensuring more rides and more fun.

11. Lift Foils LIFT4 EFOIL

Lift Foils LIFT4 EFOIL
Lift Foils

Lift Foils continue to revolutionise water adventures with its cutting-edge lithium-ion battery so you get an impressive 2.5 hours of exhilarating journeys with the Full Range Battery, or 100 minutes using the Gen4 Light Battery. The Camber Pro Wings in the LIFT4 series allows riders to control their experience for the ultimate wave. What sets the LIFT4 apart is its groundbreaking Quiet Ride Technology, an advanced motor controller that slashes eFoil vibrations and noise by half. You can soothe in the sounds of nature while making the most out of each ride.

12. FOIL R


FOIL R boasts its Forged Carbon Fiber construction, hand-laid in moulds and forged at high temperatures. Get to experience why it's three times stronger than aluminium. Each FOIL includes a waterproof controller, complete with a full-colour display, GPS speedometer, extended all-day run time, wireless charging capability, and an emergency stop function. With 15 power levels at your fingertips, you can effortlessly customise your ideal ride. FOIL batteries feature premium lithium-ion cells enveloped in groundbreaking phase change material, enhancing battery lifespan and guarding against thermal issues. Its Flex Fold propeller can get you between full-throttle surfing to unpowered swells, all backed by a substantial three-hour ride time.

13. Scubajet All-in-One Hybridboard

Scubajet All-in-One Hybridboard

Scubajet has pioneered the jet-driven multipurpose board by combining e-Foil and e-Surf capabilities in one. Its Quick Release System facilitates seamless transformation from e-Foil to e-Surf and vice versa, only requiring just two straightforward steps and zero tools. You're guaranteed with safety, quiet operation, easy adaptability, and minimal maintenance. Crafted from full carbon, it can attain speeds of up to 50 km/h when e-Foiling and provides a 1.5-hour ride duration with one battery or an impressive three hours with two batteries. For e-Surfing, it reaches speeds of up to 45 km/h, with a runtime exceeding 40 minutes.

14. HydroFlyer™ CRUISER

HydroFlyer™ CRUISER

Designed to accommodate riders of all types and skill levels, this surfboard is your best option for a great surfing experience. It incorporates handlebar mounts, ensuring stability, reduced side-to-side rocking, and a V-shaped nose entry that minimises resistance upon touchdown. The versatility of this board allows you to ride it with handlebars for added control or detached for a pro surfer experience. Each package includes an E-Foil Board with deck grip, detachable handlebars, a handheld Bluetooth controller, a lithium-ion battery, mast and propulsion system, a front wing, a premium charger, a travel case and a bag.

15. CarbaTec EasyGoat V2

CarbaTec EasyGoat V2

This board's battery boasts an impressive runtime of one hour and 20 minutes and offers a range of around 23 km for a rider weighing 80 kg. No need to worry about quickly getting back on the water since its charging time is quick, taking just 90 minutes to reach full capacity. With a top speed ranging between 30 to 35 km/h, the EasyGoat V2 assures you get fast speeds. Remarkably, the board's weight, including the battery, is a mere 20 kg, setting it apart from other boards on the market that typically range from 29 to 36kg.

16. Takuma eFoil Carver 2

Takuma eFoil Carver 2

If you consider yourself a pro foiler, then this is the only surfboard you need. Its V2 design reduces drag and maximises comfort, ensuring stability and responsiveness during take-off and landing. With options for jet and propeller propulsion, riders can enjoy seamless hydrodynamic performance. The eFoil batteries, available in Extra Lite 20A, Lite 25A, and Long Range 35A, offer varying autonomy to suit riders' preferences. Best of all, it's crafted from impact-resistant materials so the board and eFoil wings are built to withstand the demands of advanced foiling.