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Vicar's son jailed fore making girl have sex with dog

A perverted son of a vicar groomed an underage girl in to having sex with her own dog.

Twisted Noah Yabbacome, 24, persuaded the 15 year-old in to the committing the act during online chats via the world wide web.

Noah Yabbacome was told he had caused "incalculable harm" through his abuse.

The son of a parish priest in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, also admitted hoarding a stash of 800 child abuse images, which he had downloaded on a friend's iPad while on bail over pictures of the incident involving the child and dog.

Police called it "one of the most horrific cases" they had seen, which was compounded by him offending again after already being arrested.

Jailing Noah Yabbacome for a year at Lincoln Crown Court, Judge John Pini said: "The public view this sort of offending with horror and justifiably so. Those who say it is purely on the internet and fantasy are missing the point.

"These images involve actual physical contact with real girls which resulted in serious sexual abuse of very young children causing incalculable harm. There has to be an immediate prison sentence."

Detective sergeant Vicky Midgley, of Lincolnshire Police, said: "The breadth and gravity of the young man's offending, especially as he offended on bail, makes this one of the most horrific cases I have been involved with.

"He is a depraved individual. Some of the detail officers have had to consider as part of the investigation is amongst the most hideously graphic I have seen."