Beyonce released a music video for one of her newest songs 7/11 Getty Images

Beyonce has released a music video for one of her newest songs, 7/11 on November 21.

The clip which was posted on her personal website, shows Beyonce twerking and dancing half-naked in a hotel suite.

The video starts with Beyonce dancing solo on her balcony, in her bedroom and in the hallway in her underwear. The singer is then joined by several other ladies, who try their best at replicating Beyonce's killer dance moves.

According to HollywoodLife "7/11″ is one of two new songs that will be featured on the re-release of Beyonce's fifth studio album, titled BEYONCE. The re-released album will also include four remixes and ten live performances from her "Mrs. Carter Show" tour.

Fans also compared Beyonce's move with Kim Kardashian's 'Break The internet' trend last week and supported Queen Bey.

Fans on Twitter are calling it, "Now that's how you break the internet!" after Kim Kardashian posed butt naked for Paper magazine last week.