Big Brother 2014
The singer was shocked at the public reaction to her following her comments about Tesco staff. Channel 5

Zoe Birkett has become the latest housemate to be voted out of Big Brother.

The former Pop Idol contestant left the house to boos from the crowd after losing favour with the public for her disparaging comments about Tesco staff.

Saying her goodbyes she wasted no time in exiting the house and ran through the crowds prompting Big Brother host Emma Willis to say: "'I have never seen somebody run up those stairs and seem so happy to be out of the house."

Despite the lacklustre reception she said she had no regrets and was satisfied with the experience.

"I wanted the experience and to see what it was like for me. At the end, I kept thinking that the worst that is going to happen is that I'll be in the arms of my family."

"I'm a little gutted that I didn't get through to the end, but I'm really happy for Pav because he had such a hard time."

In a shock twist Zoe was brought into the show mid way through the series, but along with new entrant Pav became the focus of suspicion as the housemates suspected them of spying. She described the prevailing sense of paranoia in the house.

"It was really hard to go in there halfway through. There was too much paranoia for me. Its hard. Everyone has a formed a bond, relationships. They're seriously paranoid. Everyone's on serious edge. I found that quite difficult but there's too much paranoia for me."

Addressing her controversial comments in which she appeared to be denigrating people who work in Tesco, she said her family would "never let her think of herself higher than she is."

"I know I'm a grounded girl, that's why I was taken aback by the stuck up comment or 'do I think I'm above myself.' The conversation that we had was that everyone was so powerful in the house. I was saying I was so impressed by so many people. They were so interesting to talk to. I work in retail. I do it all the time. My mum would slap us if I came in thinking I was higher than I am," she explained.

"I've definitely been misunderstood," she said.

Big Brother continues on Channel 5.