Bigg Boss 9 with Salman Khan
The Indian version of Celebrity Big Brother UK is hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan Colors

Priya Malik, a finalist of Big Brother Australia 2014, has entered the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss 9 as a wild card contestant. Soon after coming to the house she accused her co-contestant Rishabh Sinha of sexual abuse.

The incident will be aired during the upcoming episode of the show on 24 November. As seen in the promo, the housemates will be given a luxury budget task where one group (including Malik) stops milk flowing from an artificial cow, while the other team distracts them from doing so. The preview later shows that the Big Brother Australia finalist is trying to use her fingers to stem the milk flow.

In order to distract her, Sinha starts licking her fingers while making comments on the same. Also known as the Posh Spice of Australian television, the reality star then accuses Sinha of getting 'sexual' during the task and asks Bigg Boss to take strict action against her fellow contestant.

Big Brother Australia 2014  finalist Priya Malik
Priya Malik is the fourth wild card entry in the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss 9 Colors

However, Rishabh remains unaffected by the serious claims and gets a boost from his team mate and fashion designer Kawaljeet Singh to continue distracting the opposition. Malik, who entered the highly controversial Indian reality TV show on 23 November, is the fourth wild card participant of the current season of BB and soon after her arrival, she managed to create a rift among some among the closely knit groups.

The self-proclaimed 'outspoken personality' is expected to bring the much needed drama to the house that is struggling to gain the attention of fans. The sneak peek also shows Mandana Karimi accusing Singh of physical violence during the task.

Bigg Boss 9 airs every night on the Indian network Colors. The show can be watched live stream online on the network's official link.