intestimnes attack
The Forest Road in Moseley, Birmingham, where the attack was said to have taken place Google maps

A Birmingham mother tried to disembowel her ex-husband with a carving knife before attempting to pull out his intestines, whilst attacking him with a pepper grinder, a court has heard. Dalya Saeed is currently on trial for attempted murder after the alleged attack on her former husband, Bilal Mir.

Prosecutors claim the 34-year-old attacked the taxi driver after they had sex at her home in Moseley, and then chased him outside with a meat cleaver. Saeed is also alleged to have bludgeoned Mir with a frying pan and salt and pepper grinder.

Saeed refutes the claims affirming that she was merely defending herself after her ex-husband raped and attacked her. She has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and a trial is underway at Birmingham Crown Court.

Mir, 31, came to the UK on a student visa and he and Saeed met working at a restaurant in the West Midlands. He says the pair had consensual sex before she stabbed him in the stomach in the early hours of 20 October 2015.

He told the jury, according to the Daily Mail: "She started to kiss my lips, my neck and my chest and then all of a sudden, within a blink of an eye, she stabbed me twice in the belly. I do not know whether the knife was under the bed or in her robe. I said to her, "What have you done?" She then stood up and stabbed me again.

"I grabbed the knife from her. When I grabbed the knife my intestines were out. She was trying to hold on to my intestines and pull them. She pulled part of them off. I threw the knife behind a sofa and held the rest of them in my belly."

The couple, who had a daughter, split in 2013 before he remarried. This, it has been claimed, led to Saeed fearing he would take their daughter to Pakistan.

Life threatening injuries

Saeed allegedly asked Mir to visit her at the house to talk about their daughter. After he was stabbed Mir says Saeed shut the door and began to hit him on the head with a pepper grinder.

As he made his escape from the property and calling for help Mir claims the attack continued until he managed to get himself to a nearby property with police arriving around 3am.

For the Crown, Paul Western says Mir was treated for "life threatening" injuries. He said: "The clearest evidence of the defendant's intention to kill Bilal Mir is that she ripped or possibly cut part of his intestines from his body, having cut open his abdomen. That alone could have killed him.

"Even when she must have known he was frightened for his life and was struggling to escape from her flat, Saeed persisted in her attack and inflicted even more serious injuries."