The alleged sighting of a black-eyed child at Cannock Chase in Staffordshire in the UK about three years ago had led to numerous investigations, but none could crack the mystery that continues to intrigue many paranormal investigators even today.

However, Dale Makin and Justin Cowell are now taking a step further in their hunt for answers to the mysterious creature — the very thought of which sends chills down the spine of many. With their upcoming documentary, the paranormal investigators from Manchester want to put an end to the myths.

The legend of black-eyed children have reportedly existed since the late 1990s and ghost-hunters have deemed these mysterious children as extraterrestrials, vampires, or ghosts.

The hunt for these mysterious creatures was renewed in 2014 when many media reports emerged claiming that a black-eyed child ghost was sighted in the English county. Some reports also claimed a shocking rise in similar sightings across the world.

The stories prompted Ghostbusters to investigate the incident, but with no fruitful results.

Now, Makin and Cowell are hopeful they will be able to communicate with the spirit using their latest and unique search methods. They plan to visit Cannock Chase in the hope of unravelling the truth.

"I founded Paranormal Truth simply because there are so many fakers and frauds out there," Makin told IBTimes UK, elaborating on their TV series that investigates paranormal activities.

"Myself and Justin (co-star) approach every investigation with an open mind and we are completely skeptical, so if nothing happens, that's what people see. No fakery.

"However, if something does happen, it will give the viewer that added elect of trust as 95% of the time, we don't capture anything that we can class as paranormal," he told us.

The duo are planning to use an Ouija — a spirit board with letters and numbers arranged on a flat board with the words "yes" and "no". The very thought of the spooky board prompts many to believe it opens the door to evil spirits, but the paranormal investigators are unfazed. They said they plan to use the board in "varying conditions and locations" to contact the black-eyed ghost despite being aware of the risks involved.

"It is quite challenging in the respect that we are not just searching for the black-eyed children, we will visit over 10 haunted locations, filming over a three-month period, so time is the real challenge. But clearly, there are dangers as it is winter and very cold and if you listen to some eyewitness accounts, you genuinely don't know what is lurking in the woods or any other haunted location," Makin said.

"We are performing three experiments with the Ouija board, and using for the first time a groundbreaking invention that I made," he added, without revealing much about the invention.

Filming for their documentary is set to begin in December and is expected to premiere in April 2018. The directors claim they are different from the majority of paranormal investigators as they are not easily convinced. "Myself and Justin are different from the majority of other investigators, We are very hard to convince, which is why we are taking this scientific approach with the Ouija board."

According to urban legends, the black-eyed children are the brood of the upper-level evil forces, have pure black eyes without irises and roam around the countryside or near the woods.

In 2014, a mother had claimed to have encountered the creepy-looking figure "no more than 10 years old, with her hands over her eyes" at Birches Valley in Staffordshire. In 2015, a chilling video surfaced claiming to capture the ghost figure in the woods of Staffordshire.