Black Friday
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Battle plans at the ready − Black Friday is almost upon us. With thousands of deals to be had and hundreds of pounds to be saved, IBTimes UK has brought in last-minute reinforcements in the form of tips courtesy of some serious fashionistas.

Online creator and YouTuber Patricia Bright

"In the era of social media, it be would crazy not to use it to get the best deals on Black Friday. I always make sure to follow my favourite retailers on their social media platforms and even register for their mailing list. Many brands are known to email and announce on social media earlier on these platforms and provide extra deals for their followers."

Fashion vlogger Dina Tokio

"When there's crazy sales and people are rushing trying to get a good bargain, don't waste time trying things on. If you like it get it, if it doesn't fit at home or if you think 'that wasn't worth it' return it."

YouTuber Dina Tokio
Dina Tokio

Reality star Jess Wright

"Buy one big thing you've had your heart set on instead of lots of stuff you panic buy!"

Jessica Wright

Stephanie Coker – TV personality and presenter

"Wake up early so you don't miss out on the good stuff, because by midday people have already bought all the actual goodies. Don't be late to grab a bargain.

"Don't just buy things because they are on sale – that is the biggest thing for me. Go with friends, they will always give you the real insight into whether you need to purchase something."

Stephanie Coker
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