The Blacklist season 2: Red to polygamous terrorist and Ressler kidnapped in 'The Kenyon Family'
The Blacklist airs every Thursday on NBC. The Blacklist /Facebook

After the deadly encounter with Ruslan Denisov in episode 11, The Blacklist season 2 will focus on a polygamous cult in episode 12 titled The Kenyon Family.

Red, Liz and the FBI will be investigating a case involving a cult leader who is planning a dangerous terror attack.

The episode may not be good news for Ressler fans as the promo of the next episode hints at his kidnapping.

The official synopsis of episode 12 reads:

When Red tips Liz off on the disappearance of Justin Kenyon (Stephen Bogardus), the polygamous leader of a sect who has dangerous shipping containers buried on his property, the task force sets out to investigate.

Meanwhile, Red utilises his sources to appease Fitch's last words and travels to track down his hidden safe.

In the previous episode, Raymond 'Red' Reddington travels to Uzbekistan along with Liz and Ressler in order to deal with a kidnapper who turns out to be Red's former associate.

This former ally had waged a war against oil companies whose broken pipes had leaked oil into the ground and poisoned the water of the villagers.

James Spader's character finally achieves his goal by blackmailing the companies after digging into their dark past, and emerges a hero by solving the hostage situation.

However, Elizabeth will be investigated for the murder of the harbourman in the episode Decemberist.

The wife of the harbourman tips the police about Liz's involvement as she knows about her husband's encounter with Red's assistant.

The Blacklist season 2 airs on Thursdays at 9pm EST on NBC.