Jon Snow is not the only popular TV character resurrected after a fake death — NBC's popular crime drama The Blacklist season 3 brought back Megan Boone's character Elizabeth Keen in the finale. The shocking end has not only sparked happiness among the show's fans, but has also aroused their curiosity about the plot of Blacklist season 4.

But before jumping to the plot and what to expect from season 4, here is a brief recap of the finale titled Alexander Kirk: The Conclusion. Red had planned to shoot Kirk but he soon learns that his old nemesis has changed plans and is flying to Cuba, the same place where Tom has gone along with baby Agnes. He also learns that Ms Kaplan was the person who arranged Tom's escape route to Cuba.

Upon confronting her, Raymond Reddington gets the shock of his life when she reveals that she kept him in the dark about Elizabeth and Tom's plan to keep their baby safe from the dangers associated with Red.

A devastated Red immediately boards a flight along with Kaplan in order to save his daughter-like assistant, her partner and baby from Kirk's evil eye.

But to his dismay, the damage has already been done; the family that took numerous risks in order to live happily has been kidnapped. "Kate, what am I gonna do with you, Kate," Reddington tells Kaplan while desperately attempting to hold his anger back.

As the episode ends, fans learn that Liz has been kidnapped by Kirk, who introduced himself as her father and called her Masha Rostova. Instead of answering lingering questions of Liz's past and Kirk's connection with her, the cliffhanger episode raises more curiosity for season 4.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show's executive producers Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath teased that Liz's massive betrayal and Kirk's shocking revelation will change the show's dynamics in the next season.

"This man [Kirk] shows up in her life and says he's her father. Liz should take him at his word. She thought she shot her father. It raises a number of questions, which is going to be the joy of season 4," Bokenkamp told the website. "What I do promise is that Alexander Kirk and his relationship with Liz will ultimately give us a far deeper understanding of Red's relationship to Liz in season 4."

In a separate interview with the same news outlet, Megan Boone, who plays Liz in the series, has teased her latest equation with Red. "I don't foresee a Red-less future for Liz, but I think Red will have a very different woman to deal with at this turning point in the series, and he will be forced to evolve and compensate for her newfound autonomy."

NBC is yet to announce the premiere date for Blacklist season 4.