Montgomery High School in Blackpool will be guarded by police on Monday after someone wrote on the school's Facebook page saying he was planning to "kill as many people as possible". The person, who used a boy's Facebook account and claimed to be a student, said he would carry out the massacre as an act of revenge for bullying and cited Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as inspiration.

"On Monday, the bullies will be sorry when I go into school with a gun. I'll kill as many people as possible," the message said, according to the Blackpool Gazette. When challenged by one student, he asked: "You think it's a joke? You'll see bullets, bodies, and blood."

Lancashire Police confirmed there would be a police presence at the school on Monday as they continued to investigate the messages. "We are aware of the posts on social media concerning Montgomery High School, Bispham and are investigating the source and content of these messages," a police statement said.

"There is nothing to suggest these messages pose a credible threat and the school will be open as normal on Monday morning. We are continuing to liaise closely with Montgomery High School and there will be a visible police presence when term begins on Monday to offer reassurance to parents, pupils, staff and the wider community and to ensure the safety of all."