Manchester Piccadilly Gardens
A man was reportedly seen in Lycra with an erection at Piccadilly in Manchester Getty

Greater Manchester Police were on the hunt on Tuesday (29 December) for a man in his 50s at a Piccadilly tram stop reportedly wearing Lycra and with an erection. A woman called police after growing suspicious of the man's behaviour.

A patrol was sent to look for the man but the search was later called off when they were unable to find him.

A GMP spokesman later said: "At 4.19pm, GMP received a call from a female reporting a suspicious male in his 50s wearing Lycra cycling shorts with what she thought was an erection at the tram stop in Piccadilly.

"Patrols were already in the area, however there was no trace of any such male. At no point was the male acting inappropriately and no other members of the public have reported any inappropriate behaviour."