Blindspot premiere on NBC
Tattoos on Jane's body uncover another clue that will lead the FBI to stop the killing of a police officer NBC

NBC's popular thriller Blindspot is getting interesting with each new episode. The series, which revolves around Jane Doe aka Taylor Shaw, has recently created doubts about the tattooed girl's real intentions. The upcoming episode is titled Persecute Envoys, which when rearranged reads "suspect everyone".

While investigating the tattoos on Jane's body, Agent Weller learns that Bethany Mayfair, the assistant director of the FBI, knows more than she reveals as she has not told Weller that she knew Saul Guerrero (Lou Diamond Phillips). In the previous episode, Weller confronted Mayfair about her secrets and forced her to reveal more about Operation Daylight.

The official synopsis of episode 8 reads as follows:

The team races to stop a series of cop killings. After a police officer is murdered, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) unlocks a disturbing tattoo that appears to have predicted his killing, and the team chases a violent clue trail to stop further attacks. Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) reveals secrets from her past to Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), seriously testing their relationship.

Now, the latest promo of episode 8 shows Kurt yelling at Mayfair and saying: "You lied. Again and again. What else do you know that you're not telling me? The next clue on Jane's body could have your name on it."

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Meanwhile, Patterson of the FBI's Forensic Science Unit, will continue to decode the tattoo they found on the Jane's body and this time she will uncover the clues that lead the police officers to save one of their colleagues.

Her investigations take a shocking turn and the realise that Jane was born in Africa, which contradicts the fact that she went missing 25 years ago and that Weller was her childhood friend.

Further, upcoming episodes of the NBC thriller are expected to reveal more about the mysteries of the tattoos carved on Jane's body and whether or not she is the real Taylor Shaw. The show airs every Monday on NBC network.