Blindspot premiere on NBC
NBC’s investigative thriller premiered on 21 September NBC

Blindspot, NBC's newest show, is getting rave reviews as a crime thriller for its unique concept. The series is set to explore the dark side of an anonymous terror group that leaves clues about their upcoming target and their past crimes in a complex set of tattoos on a woman's body.

The synopsis of episode 2 A Stray Howl reads: "The team unlocks a cryptic tattoo that points to Major Arthur Gibson (guest star Robert Eli), an Air Force pilot with a painful past and a lethal agenda. Jane (Jaimie Alexander) continues to search for clues to her identity and is haunted when flashes of a disturbing memory force her to question her past. Meanwhile, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) thinks he might know Jane's true identity."

In the upcoming episode, Jane will continue her support to the FBI to decode the tattoos on her body. Weller will help her find her true identity.

Recap of the pilot episode:

The series starts with Jane Doe, a mysterious woman, lying naked in a bag with all her memories wiped out. Her body sports tattoos with a name printed on her back reading 'Kurt Weller, FBI'. It turns out that the whole tattoo episode was staged for Weller, a special agent with the US investigative agency. He is now assigned to try and decode the cryptic message hidden in the tattoos and find the terror target/organisation, and above all the real identity of Jane

The special agent and his FBI crew initially treat Jane as a suspect who claims that she has no memory from her past and can't even recall her name. After a number of interrogations and body scans, Jane manages to decipher one tattoo written in Chinese.

To Jane's amusement, she realises she can read the language and tells Weller that that particular tattoo indicated a date, besides an address that belonged to Chao (Yung-I Chang). The FBI agent rushes to the location but not without the tattooed woman who insists on going with the team.

Weller and his associates find a secret chemical lab in Chao's apartment and discover that the person in question had been building a secret bomb in order to blow up the Statue of Liberty. Chao is avenging his mother's murder in a Chinese prison and blames the US government for not helping him.

Weller and Jane follow the suspected bomber in a cat-and-mouse chase but soon Chao gets hold of Weller and prepares to shoot him. However, he is interrupted by Jane, who performs some great action moves and shoots him in the arms. The act of firing the gunshot triggers flashes of memories in Jane - she remembers an outdoor shooting range where a bearded man is instructing her on fighting skills.

Meanwhile, a wounded Chao is taken to hospital where he is visited by the same bearded man. The would-be bomber informs the visitor that everything had gone according to plan.

Blindspot premiered on 21 September on NBC network. The second episode will be aired on 28 September.