A school boy from the north Indian city of Shimla was found hanging from the store room of his house under mysterious circumstances on Tuesday (12 September). Police suspect the 10-year-old was involved in the deadly Blue Whale game.

According to reports, the police said that they recovered a suicide note written in his school notebook, with the last line of the note reading, "Solve this puzzle."

The deceased boy – a student of Gurukul Public School in Deha, Shimla – also wrote in the letter that nobody loved him and that he would kill himself by hanging, and not by slitting his veins. "Slitting veins, etc. is not a punishment. I will punish myself by hanging," the note read, according to the Hindustan Times newspaper.

Police have begun investigating the death, but are yet to register a case. Their investigation also includes the possibility of the boy being a victim of the suicidal online game Blue Whale Challenge, the paper wrote, citing an officer. However, the authorities are not sure.

A police officer explained, "It wasn't possible for him to play the game. He did not have access to either the internet or a mobile phone for long. However, for the last few days, he used to play some game on the mobile phone of a carpenter working in their house."

Shimla's Superintendent of Police Soumya Sambasivan said, "We have already recorded the statement of the victim's father.

"So far, there is no evidence of Blue Whale Challenge. We are investigating the case."

The boy's school have also doubted that the internet game could be the reason for his mysterious death, which reportedly took place just a day after the school management organised an awareness campaign for the students against the dangers of the Blue Whale game.

"He was not among those who said they play any games on the phone; no one mentioned the Blue Whale game," Gian Singh, a manager at the school, told the paper. He added that they inspected the wrists and arms of the students, but found no marks or scars like the ones found on other victims of the Blue Whale Challenge.