Authorities in Oklahoma are investigating the death of a man who was forcefully removed from hospital to be taken into jail, before being returned to the same hospital, where he died two hours later.

Marconia Kessee was stopped by authorities at the Norman Regional Hospital in Cleveland County on 16 January, after hospital staff alerted the authorities after the 35-year-old was allegedly trying to secure narcotics from the medical centre.

Norman Police have recently released the 22-minute video recorded by the body camera of one of the agents involved, which shows the victim being removed from the hospital.

According to Nine News, Norman Police officers arrived at the scene at 7.30pm local time (1.30am GMT) before attempting to escort Kessee out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

"Two Norman police officers attempted to persuade Kessee to seek shelter at the Salvation Army, a shelter located nearby," Sarah Jensen, a hospital employee, was quoted as saying.

However, Kessee's family insisted the victim was on the premises to seek medical help.

"He wasn't called for trespassing," Michael Washington, the victim's uncle, said.

"He was called because somebody at the hospital got tired of him wanting something for his headache that he was never given, and we're not going to accept that."

After he reportedly refused to leave the hospital, a doctor at the hospital signed off on Kessee's transfer to the Cleveland County Jail instead.

In the video, Master Police Officer Kyle Canaan and Officer Daniel Brown can be heard making comments about the victim's mental state. With Kessee lying on the ground at one stage, one of the officers tells him he "can stop with the show", while the other appears to suggest Kessee was attempting to fool the officers into believing he was unwell.

"It ain't fooling a single person, I can tell you that," the officer said.

Approximately 15 minutes into the video, Canaan and Brown drag the victim away from the hospital and bundle him inside a patrol car, while the footage ends with the vehicle arriving in the car park of Cleveland County Jail.

Kessee became unresponsive two hours after being placed under observation in Cleveland County Jail and died shortly after being returned to the hospital.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is now probing the incident, while the Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy on Kessee to determine his exact cause of death

Meanwhile both Canaan and Brown have been placed on administrative leave, with an internal investigation underway.

Norman Police Chief Keith Humphrey said the conduct of the two officers did not reflect the department's standards, although he insisted their behaviour had nothing to do with Kessee's death.

"There is no indication at this time that the actions of the officers contributed to the death of Mr. Kessee," the captain stated.