Authorities investigate Leeds crash scene
Investigators work behind police tape at the scene of the crash in Leeds. Reuters

A teenager who killed five people in a car accident has been sentenced to four and a half years in detention.

The 15-year-old, who can not be named for legal reasons, was driving a stolen Renault Clio that slammed into a tree in Leeds, killing five passengers. The incident happened shortly before 10pm on Saturday 25 November along Stonegate Road in the Meanwood area of the city.

At a court hearing following the crash, the youngster, who was also hurt, admitted five charges of causing death by dangerous driving.

Among the victims were brothers Ellis and Elliott Thornton, aged 12 and 15 respectively. Darnell Harte, also 15, and Anthoney Armour and Robbie Meerun, aged 28 and 24 respectively, also died in the crash.

Police described the crash as '"catastrophic" and "a scene of total carnage".

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post the day after the crash, relative Louise Thornton said: "We are just devastated. We can't believe they have both gone as that just doesn't happen.

"We were so proud of the boys. They will be hugely missed by the family. It will leave a huge devastating void. As a family we have already been through so much.

"I'm devastated. They were very well-loved. We just can't describe how much these little boys have left a big void in our family."