An entrepreneur's journey to the top is often one to write home about, especially when they've built their business empires from the ground up. Their hard work is an inspiration for generations of up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Thanks to the industry leaders in different fields who are generous enough to share their wisdom, young entrepreneurs have a lot of expert advice to turn to for success today.

4 Crucial Success Tips from the Handbooks
4 Crucial Success Tips from the Handbooks of Austin Zelan and Chris Naghibi Pixabay

Here, Austin Zelan and Christopher M. Naghibi, two of the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern era who are recognized industry leaders in their respective fields, share some actionable success tips for budding entrepreneurs and young professionals to make it big in life and career.

Austin Zelan has built a business that is a source of inspiration to many people. He is an entrepreneur and consumer technology expert, and overall, a great influence on budding entrepreneurs looking to establish a career in the digital space.

As a pioneer and driver in the digital scene, Austin Zelan has powerful insights to share with youngsters to help them become better and have an easier entrepreneurial journey. He notes that the age of information has made entrepreneurship very competitive, but today's modern tools can level the playing field.

Christopher M. Naghibi is a leading real estate entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Naghibi has been involved in transactions of over $20 billion throughout his career. This phenomenal success is not based solely on sales; it's based on the relationships Naghibi establishes with his famous clients. A distinctive figure in real estate due to his reputation as a comprehensive problem solver, Christopher M. Naghibi is always happy to advise and share his expertise with up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

These two stalwarts of the business world came together to share four crucial life lessons for anybody who dreams big. Let's delve.

You know more than you think you do.

It's a mouthful, but something that rings true for many people. Put simply, you need to believe in yourself and your skills. Austin Zelan says, "Even if you don't know much about where you're headed, you can always learn along the way." He stresses this lesson because he quickly realized that most businesspeople often wing it when they first get into entrepreneurship. "Thinking about it, there are a lot of things you know but don't give yourself enough credit for. Give yourself a break, learn what you need to, and leverage what you know the best," adds Christopher M. Naghibi.

Challenges beget enlightening lessons.

Oftentimes, it's the challenges that shape who you become and not the successes. Obstacles that you face prepare you to deal with any situation, and in business, obstacles can come up often. In their careers, Austin Zelan and Christopher M. Naghibi have learned that every obstacle can be overcome with the right mindset. They say, "Every challenge that you face prepares you for the next one and leaves you with lessons to help you overcome it."

Never underestimate the importance of market research.

To become an industry leader, you need to know what your customers want and not what you think they want. "Never skimp down on extensive market research," says Zelan. "Social media is a great tool that you leverage to gather all the information you need about your target audience." Not only is the market constantly changing, so are the needs and wants of customers. And to remain relevant, you too must continuously learn and evolve. "Moreover, when your customers ask a question, you must be well-prepared to answer it at all times," adds Naghibi.
You can't run from risks.

At first glance, risks might seem like an entrepreneur's worst enemy. However, calculated risk-taking is crucial to the success of your business and anything you do. Zelan and Naghibi caution entrepreneurs against avoiding all risks and playing it safe. They cite that without taking risks, they would never have grown into the businessmen they are today.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It's like a roller-coaster ride that never stops, but one that also brings incredible thrill and excitement along the way. Austin Zelan and Christopher M. Naghibi hope that these four lessons can help you better prepare for the journey ahead.