Stuttgart airport
File image of Stuttgart Airport, Germany Reuters

Two people have been arrested at a major German airport over fears of a suspected bomb plot, local media reports said.

Over 180 people were evacuated from a Bulgaria Air flight moments before it was due to take off from Stuttgart Airport on Sunday (18 June).

All remaining flights from the southwest German airport were also halted after officials issued a red alert and investigated the potential terror threat.

German newspaper Die Welt reported that a passenger reported the threat to flight staff who acted immediately to warn local authorities.

A Federal Police spokesman told the outlet: "During the routine departure check-out, a passenger told us that another passenger had threatened a bombing operation on the aircraft.

"In view of the global political situation and the way in which the passenger met us, we had to take the threat seriously."

After all passengers were evacuated, all baggage was unloaded off the plane and sniffer dogs examined them for possible explosives.

However, no explosives were found and German police have confirmed there is no imminent threat, but said that a further investigation was now being carried out.

The plane, destined for Varna in Bulgaria, took off after the delay without any further incident.

All remaining flights were also given the green light to take off as previously scheduled.