Bournemouth University Student Village
The Bournemouth University student village where a female student died in an incident involving dangerous chemicals Google Earth

A female student has died in an incident believed to involve dangerous chemicals at Bournemouth University accommodation in Poole. Residents of the student village were evacuated at around 9.30pm on the evening of 12 January after emergency services were called.

Reports suggest that the property contained "dangerous chemicals" and that police feared that there was a risk of explosion. The woman's body was reportedly seen being taken away on a stretcher.

A police spokesman said: "Dorset Police were informed of a death at Gillett Road in Poole. It was also reported that the property contained chemical substances.

"Dorset Police officers – together with Dorset Fire and Rescue Services – entered the address as a precaution. Residents of the premises were evacuated while the substances were removed."

Student Josh Wilde told the Express: "Around 9.30pm this evening I saw flashing blue lights outside the window of my uni house. I went to investigate and saw three fire engines, including a fire and rescue service incident support unit.

"A large number of police turned up and cordoned off the area. We also saw an ambulance car. We asked one of the police officers what was going on and they said it was to do with dangerous chemicals.

"They wouldn't go into too much detail at this stage but said more information would be revealed in due course."