Amateur boxer Renzo Pancera was arrested from his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Sunday, September 13. He was suspected of beating his pregnant partner, Micaela Zalazar, leading to her death and that of their unborn child. The suspect tried to claim that the woman's injuries were due to a domestic accident. The victim had reported domestic abuse twice before.

Emergency services were called to the couple's home after the five-month pregnant woman reportedly became unwell. After being taken to Julio de Vedia Hospital in Buenos Aires, it was discovered that the woman had suffered abdominal injuries.

Internal hemorrhaging caused by the ruptured spleen led to the miscarriage of the baby. Soon after being admitted to the hospital, Zalazar succumbed to her injuries. The nature of the injury and the fact that Pancera left his dying partner at the hospital made the hospital staff suspicious. They alerted the police of possible domestic violence.

Police arrived at the couple's home and found Pancera there. According to Cronica, the suspect tried to convince the police that his partner was injured due to a domestic accident. However, the police took the suspect into custody and launched a murder probe.

The 25-year-old man and 27-year-old woman were expecting their first child together. Zalazar's cousin, Antonella, told Todo Noticias that the couple had an abusive relationship. Yet, the victim never complained. When other relatives offered to let her stay with them, she refused. Even though she was in a toxic relationship where her partner isolated her from friends and family, the victim was happy with the pregnancy.

According to the Daily Mail, police had responded to domestic violence calls on February and October 2019 after Pancera abused Zalazar. The suspect has been charged with qualified homicide, gender-related violence and abortion. In Argentina, inducing abortion is illegal.

A large group of people gathered on Monday, September 14 and marched to Plaza Belgrano Sur demanding justice for the young woman. The woman and her unborn child will be buried together. Zalazar's two children from two past relationships are now in the custody of their respective fathers after her death.

A pregnant woman
Boxer beats pregnant partner and unborn child to death. (Representational image) Jonas Kakaroto