Ebanie Bridges' innocent interview about her kitten during the Best Women's Boxing Show took an X-rated turn, leaving the interviewer in stitches. The Australian boxer also promised more racy lingerie during her weigh-ins, and called for sponsors to use her body as a canvas.

The IBF female bantamweight champion is currently preparing for her December bout against compatriot Shannon O'Connell. Bridges will defend her title, which she won following her triumph over Maria Cecilia Roman during her last outing in the squared circle.

During the interview, Bridges was asked about her pet cat Gracie, who she revealed was a Russian Blue. The Australian went on to explain her kitten's ability to perform multiple tricks. However, along the way the conversation got a bit X-rated, and she began talking about her "p****" leaving the interviewer laughing.

"My kitty, oh yeah, oh that pussy, my pussy, sorry her name's Gracie," Bridges told the Best Women's Boxing Show. "Not her, I'm talking about my cat but I know I've got my little p****."

"Yeah she's actually great cause she does so many tricks I can't wait. This is going way off. My kitten does lots of tricks, not my p****," she added. "Do you want to see my p**** cause I want you to zoom right in on it. Can you see it?"

Apart from her in-ring exploits, Bridges has also built a massive fan following owing to her racy weigh-ins. The Australian always appears in sexy lingerie for her pre-fight weight checks, and this garners her plenty of attention, which she is keen to monetise going forward.

"To be fair, my weigh-ins make about 20million views, and that's a lot," Bridges said. "So any sponsors that want their business advertised on me at my weigh-ins, hit me up, but it's costly."

Bridges has no plans to stop her weigh-in tradition. Her next one will be prior to her match against O'Connell in December. The 36-year-old is happy with the attention she is getting, and believes she has started a trend, as other fighters are now copying her lingerie wearing antics.

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