Pop star Boy George abruptly ended an interview on ABC Radio National's Breakfast show after host Fran Kelly asked if his "gender-bending" style had an impact on children growing up in the '80s.

George was on the show to discuss an upcoming tour with his band Culture Club and talked about his love of Australia and his choice of outfits on tour, which led Kelly to questions about his extravagant fashion style.

"Talking about your look, talking about the sensation you were because of your make-up, your clothes, your outrageousness," she said (via The Sydney Morning Herald).

"I don't remember if you were openly gay back then but, like David Bowie before you, you were certainly celebrated for being 'gender bending'. You were a 'gender bender'."

George took exception to the presenter's probing, and perhaps where he thought the line of questioning was heading. "You keep referring to me in past context and we're actually talking in real time," he fired back.

Kelly persisted: "Yes, but maybe now times have moved on and the gender bending is not such a surprise, but back then it was. Were you aware of the impact of that on kids?"

The Karma Chameleon singer paused, then said: "You're boring me, goodbye." He then hung up as the show continued.

George has commented on the incident on Twitter in a string of tweets interacting with fans defending him and responding to users who thought he was wrong to end the interview abruptly.

"Sometimes it feels like a person has a rigid script and a view of you that is fixed," he said in one tweet. "It was zero to do with the questions. Maybe next time we will meet in person. Maybe not. It was a moment. It's over. Peace!"

"I'm never that comfortable with the whole 'when you were fabulous' tone. You mean 'now? Lol!" he said, explaining why he hung up. In another tweet he said it was "the tone" of the question rather than the question itself that irritated him.