Valentine's Day is just a day away and people around the globe are trying innovative ways to impress their special ones. A man in India's Gurugram city is now making the news on social media for trying one such innovative or rather a bizarre approach by putting himself up for rent on Valentine's Day.

Shakul Gupta has posted an advertisement for himself on Facebook. The caption of the ad, which was posted on the social media platform on 10 February, states: "Valentine's Day boyfriend for rental". The post has received over 20,000 comments and has been shared by more than two thousand people.

In his ad, the 26-year-old has revealed four different packages for those interested in his offer. The four packages vary from "holding hands and kissing on the forehead" to "anything" the interested one wants.

Gupta has also offered to give his "prospective girlfriends" a glimpse of their favourite fictional characters, including Christian Grey, Billionaire playboy, Sweet lover and Bad boy.

If all these are not enough, Gupta is also offering a discount. He said that by using a promo code "RICHGUY", one can get a whopping discount of up to 20% and also a free ride in his Audi A4 car.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the young man who has described himself as generous, open-minded and idealistic, believes that not only his prospective "lady love" but also her family members and her friends will love him.

Upon asking why he is doing this, Gupta promptly said, "just for fun and to find a Valentines."

"It's just my way," he added as reported by Deccan Chronicle.

Gupta's offer, however, has some terms and conditions like he cannot protect his "prospective Valentine" from cockroaches, or eat seafood or have fashion and beauty conversation with her.

Shakul Gupta
Gurugram man places ad on Facebook putting him up on rent for Valentine's Day Facebook/ Shakul