Fans are still reeling with excitement just thinking about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's run-in backstage at the SAG Awards and the photographer who documented the moment says the photos are enough to confirm that it was a happy reunion.

Getty Images photographer Emma McIntyre shared some details about what really went on with the exes at the SAG Awards last week. She said she was there in the room with them when their brief interaction happened. She had the most advantageous position in the room over other photographers.

"Most times, photographable moments happen in a heartbeat, so it boils down to predicting where the best angle will be and of course making sure you nail the technical aspect because there are no do-overs," McIntyre told, who said that she sensed something big was going to happen between Aniston and Pitt when she saw them backstage together.

She remembered keeping a close eye on "The Morning Show" actress as she headed toward a group of entertainment reporters. Pitt was already backstage preparing to accept his "One Upon a Time in Hollywood" win.

McIntyre mentioned that she was specifically instructed to capture run-ins between actors and she captured the perfect moment between the exes. She recalled that the "Ad Astra" star yelled "Aniston!" to get her attention and she turned toward his voice. They then embraced each other with big smiles on their faces.

Pitt continued to grin and held on to Aniston's hand when she turned to walk away. It was but for a half-second and their entire interaction lasted merely five seconds. But it was enough to capture photos that broke the internet.

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"They easily could have just missed one another, but you always try and predict these instances and hope you're positioned well to get them and depict the emotion, too. The moment happened so quickly and I had my camera to my face the entire time," McIntyre continued.

She said that people can clearly see Pitt and Aniston's reaction in the photos. "It shows them celebrating, proud for themselves and for each other," the photographer observed, adding that the exes "seemed genuinely happy to see each other."

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Reuters