Jerame C Reid
Image showing the arrest of Jerame C Reid

Braheme Days, one of the New Jersey police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Jerame C Reid, is alleged to have forced a woman to have sex with him multiple times so she could avoid shoplifting charges.

Shakera Brown is seeking $25m from the city of Bridgeton and from officer Braheme Days, who she claims coerced her into sex several times between January 2014 and December 2014 to avoid being arrested and jailed for shoplifting, reports the Daily Journal.

Days and his partner Roger Worley shot and killed Jerame C Reid after pulling his car over on December 30, 2014.

The killing sparked waves of protests, after dashboard camera recordings made public showed the officers swearing at and threatening Reid, after they found a handgun in his vehicle. In the recording he appears to have his hands in the air as he exits the vehicle is shot by the officers.

In the lawsuit, Brown alleges that Days said: "There are two ways we can handle this: I can take you to jail, or we can handle this in an adult manner."

If convicted of shoplifting, Brown would have been sent to jail, according to the lawsuit.

According to court documents Days "for a period of more than a year usurped his police authority and grossly abused the public's trust by engaging in acts of sexual extortion, false imprisonment, and intimidation of Plaintiff Shakera Brown, by forcing Ms. Brown to engage in unwanted sexual acts. If Ms. Brown refused, Officer Days threatened to arrest Ms. Brown and send her to jail."

Days responded to a call about a theft at a Rite Aid shop on January 20, and saw Brown. He told her she matched the description of the thief, and would be arrested unless they could "work something out", according to the lawsuit.

When she told the officer she had adult children and could not go to jail, he allegedly responded "I guess we're going to handle this in an adult manner," the lawsuit said.

Days had sex with the woman in a police car, in his home and in a hotel room, according to the lawsuit, allegedly giving her a prepaid mobile telephone so they could arrange meetings.

After Day forced her to have unprotected sex with him, Brown arranged an emergency meeting with her doctor to be screened for STDs.

New Jersey police declined to comment on the allegations.