Use of methamphetamine
A glass pipe used for smoking methamphetamine with shards inside    Wikipedia

Raging fire brought down an apartment complex in Madison, Tennessee displacing 75 residents after a meth lab explosion over the weekend.

Kelly Wakefield, 27, and Michael Drury, 22, have been charged with drug production. Police confirmed the couple ran the lab where the fire started on Saturday afternoon destroying eight apartments before Nashville firefighters could put it out.

Residents have expressed their frustration at the complex management's lack of support. Resident Savannah McCarrol said: "What we left out of the house with. This is what we've got."

Meanwhile the American Red Cross have set up an emergency shelter to help the displaced families.

Do you live near a meth lab?

CNN has devised a tool for US residents interested in estimating their distance from a nearby probable meth lab explosion site through this interactive map, "Do you live near a meth lab?"

The tool seems handy considering a number of foreclosed properties in the US being discovered to be previous meth lab sites. The Hankins family in Klamath Falls, Oregon were at risk within days of moving into their new home where contamination levels were revealed to be 80 times above Oregon Heath Authority limits.

"Our walls were poisoning us," said Jonathan Hankins who ordered a $50 testing kit after the family started experiencing breathing problems, nosebleeds, headaches and mouth sores.

Joe Mazzuca of Meth Lab Cleanup says the problem, "is off the charts. We average a call every three to five minutes." One of his calls came from Michigan where a family bought a meth-contaminated home without knowing, which resulted in the death of their 14-year-old daughter after living in the property for two years.