Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart is seeking for the border agreement that sees refugees held in her town to be suspended as the has UK voted to leave the EU. She called for the renegotiation of the 2003 Touquet agreement – a border deal which sees France responsible for checking migrants' status on the French side of the Channel.

The end of the agreement could see migrant camps in Calais moved to Kent. She told French broadcaster BFM TV: "The British must take on the consequences of their choice. We are in a strong position to push, to press this request for a review and we are asking the president to bring his weight (to the issue).

"We must put everything on the table and there must be an element of division, of sharing."

The possibility of allowing UK border controls to be carried out in France was raised by Prime Minister David Cameron earlier in the year. He said that here are "any number of opposition politicians" in France who would "love" to tear up the deal.

Asylum seekers make regular attempts by hiding in lorries and trucks in order cross the Channel, but are often stopped by French police. There are around 7,000 migrants camped in the so-called Calais Jungle.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had previously challenged the calls for halting border controls, saying it was not a responsible solution. "It would send a signal to people smugglers and would lead to migrants to flow to Calais in far greater numbers. A humanitarian disaster would ensue," he said.

Xavier Bertrand, the centre-right president of the Hauts-de-France region, tweeted: "The English wanted to take back their freedom, they must take back their border."

Bouchart has previously asked economic aid from the UK parliament, saying that most of the refugees would rather go to Britain than stay in France. "Less than 10% want to stay in France. All the others want to come to England and we are going round and round in a circle. Even if we opened up 50,000 places in France they would not claim asylum in France."