It's considerably more challenging to sustain success in the long run than to achieve it in the first place. That is why Brian Carruthers and Alex Richard, two highly successful entrepreneurs in their respective niches, joined hands in offering you the following three tips to not only build but also sustain a loyal fanbase on social media.

Brian Carruthers & Alex Richard
Brian Carruthers & Alex Richard Brian Carruthers & Alex Richard

Build a community

Since the earliest days of advertising, individuals, firms, and conglomerates have looked for newer ways to expand their territories and influence more people. Social media revolutionized that approach. Today, some of the most successful brands and influencers are walking down the sunny alleys of the communities they have built as they connect with their fans and followers.

Talking about the importance of building social media communities, Brian Carruthers says, "When you build a community on social media, you let the world know that you're in this for the long haul. This helps build and strengthen people's trust in your personal brand and what you bring to the table." Alex Richard adds to this by saying, "While there are plenty of fly-by-night brands, the ones who are remembered the most are the ones that hold on."

Build a team

Internet and social media have made many people self-reliant. This single advantage has helped several small brands find their feet and establish themselves in the market. However, once you wish to scale up, it becomes critically important to build a team.

Talking about the importance of building a team, Alex Richard points out, "To build an efficient team is a lot harder than it sounds. Therefore, it's best done at the right time. In simplest terms, it means that as the eyes of your brand, you should envision its future as early as possible. If you see growth and an upward movement in that future, prepare to hire a team." Brian Carruthers agrees and says, "Efficient team-building enlists finding those who understand how you work, are willing to be innovative, and are masters of their craft. Building the right team is not an accident. But when you build yourself one with hard work and research, it can become a stimulating experience for all."

Build yourself

Nothing seems to grab more eyeballs than transformation stories, isn't it? This proves that our most treasured stories are those which speak of positive change and hope. Brian Carruthers says, "To build a loyal fanbase, you need to put yourself out there. Show your transformation. Let the viewer be the judge." Alex Richard adds, "If you think what you have accomplished is truly inspiring and can help others, don't hold back. And you'll see the magic!"

Brian Carruthers and Alex Richard value honesty and integrity as their most impactful virtues and suggest that to build a loyal following, above all, you need to keep it real and raw.