Amidst the Tory squabbling, scaremongering and name-calling from the Remain and Leave campaigns ahead of the EU referendum, the BBC's political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, sets to dig out the facts about Brexit in Tuesday night's (31 May) programme, Britain & Europe: For Richer Or Poorer?

The biggest questions, dilemmas and economic concerns at the heart of the EU debate will be tackled by Kuenssberg throughout the BBC2 documentary in a bid to offer a helping hand to the bewildered British public before the momentous vote on 24 June.

The UK's economic climate will be discussed in depth as viewers learn if we would be richer or poorer as a nation if we were to leave, and what the pros and cons might be if we were to remain in the EU. As recent polls suggest that a good dose of the electorate are still cowering under their duvets instead of coming to a final decision on whether Britain should stay in the European Union, more advice on the political predicament is welcome.

Kuenssberg will talk to leading politicians and business big hitters on both sides and will aim to discover what leaving would really mean for trade and jobs, for red tape and the pound, and whether there is any truth in the Remain campaign's arguments, dubbed 'Project Fear.' Facts surrounding the UK's contribution to the EU budget will be addressed (it was reported that the UK sends £350 million to Brussels each week) as well as the rebate. A debate will also be taken to the public about whether we're better off in or out.

Aimed to provide an impartial picture of the Brexit quandary, the programme could help viewers reach a better understanding of how the EU could shape Britain's future and make up their minds once and for all.

EU referendum
Britain And Europe: For Richer Or Poorer? airs tonight on BBC2 BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

Discussing the governmental bickering of the topic, Kuenssberg wrote in a BBC article today: "What is abundantly clear is that David Cameron's ambition that the Tories would be able to debate our membership of the European Union with civility and good grace is shot to bits.

She added: "What is a lot less clear is whether this pretty violent Tory bickering is helping a single member of the public make up their mind about how to vote in the referendum, now less than a month away."

A few familiar faces will help the nation come to a conclusion, including the likes of Boris Johnson and George Osborne, along with IMF boss Christine Lagarde and the heads of BMW, Airbus and Lloyds of London.

Kuenssberg acknowledges the confusion from both campaigns and that although most of the evidence suggests Britain would be worse in the short term if we choose to leave, there are many questions when it comes to the years and decades ahead.

Make a decision for yourself and watch Britain And Europe: For Richer For Poorer on BBC2 at 9pm tonight (31 May).

Laura Kuenssberg
BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg hosts the show on Britain's future in the EU BBC