Praised for her involvement in legalising same-sex marriage in Britain, prime minister-in-waiting Theresa May is often regarded as one of the more progressive, moderate Conservatives. Even more so when compared to her former leadership rival Andrea Leadsom, who pulled no punches in airing her views against gay marriage.

As LGBT rights activists have pointed out, however, Britain's new prime minister has a mixed record when it comes to equality. As May prepares to move into 10 Downing Street, we have a look at her voting history on gay marriage, civil partnerships and adoption.

What about the future?

LGBT rights groups have called for May to tackle issues faced by transgender people in Britain, including better access to legal gender recognition, transphobia and the official recognition of gender on the basis of self-declaration rather than a medical assessment.

"Theresa May has been clear that acceptance and rights for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people will be an important priority for her new Government and she was one of the key sponsors of same-sex marriage in the last Parliament," Paul Twocock, Stonewall's directors of campaigns, policy and research told IBT UK.

"We look forward to working with her to maintain progress on LGBT acceptance and equality, and a key part of that will be legislative changes to improve legal equality for trans people, which currently lags significantly behind protections in place now for lesbian, gay and bi people in the UK."