At InterContinental Hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan an unnamed British man violently beat his one-year-old daughter to death. The mother alerted hotel authorities about the incident. The girl died due to the injuries she sustained. Her father is being held in Almaty police custody until investigations are over.

On Thursday morning, the staff at the InterContinental Hotel were alerted by a woman that her husband was beating their toddler. Upon being alerted, the hotel staff contacted emergency services. Both police and ambulance arrived on the scene to help the family.

When emergency medical staff attended to the girl, they were at first able to revive her heartbeat. However, it was later reported that the toddler died in a nearby hospital due to the injuries she sustained.

Video of toddler attacked by stranger
The man was caught on security camera, repeatedly kicking and beating the child. ImagineChina

The police arrested the man who was found to be a British citizen. A spokesman from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) confirmed that the child was also a British citizen. The spokesperson also assured that the FCO will be cooperating with the Kazakhstan police to help the investigation.

Mirror Online contacted the five-star hotel to get their statement regarding the tragic incident. The director of the hotel's sales and marketing department, Aliya Dauletova, confirmed that a family member approached the hotel staff for help when the heinous act was being carried out.

According to Dauletova, the incident took place in the guests' room at around 7 in the morning on October 24, Thursday. While the hotel is allowing the police to conduct their investigation, they are unable to release any information regarding the identity of the individuals involved.

The man has been charged under Kazakhstan laws. A court determined that the British man would remain in police detention for two months during which the Almaty police will continue their investigation.

Due to his acts, the man might be found guilty under paragraph 3 of part 2 of article 99, which means that he will be convicted for the murder of a person in a helpless state as well as being involved in abduction or hostage-taking.