On March 29, 2005, Christopher Clark Jones and James Patrick Roughan were involved in the murder of 17-year-old Morgan Shepherd in Brisbane, Australia. The two older men stabbed and decapitated Shepherd, and later bragged about the murder. Both men were handed life sentences with the possibility of parole. Jones had been released from prison after 15 years, but he was not allowed to remain in Australia as his visa had been cancelled.

Shepherd had been living at a youth hostel in Brisbane in 2005. On the night of his death, he went to have drinks with Roughan and Jones. According to witnesses, the teen got into an argument with Jones. The drunken man then attacked the teen. They first stomped on him before getting a knife to take turns stabbing him.

The duo then decapitated the dead teen using an axe, saw or knife. After decapitating Shepherd, the sadistic murderers used his head as a bowling ball and a hand puppet. Witnesses told the court that during a gathering, they had bragged about playing with Shepherd's decapitated head.

With the help of accomplices, Jones and Roughan buried Shepherd's headless body in a shallow grave. Following a tip-off, the police discovered the body in Dayboro, northern Brisbane. Shepherd's head was also discovered nearby. A post mortem examination revealed that Shepherd had been stabbed 133 times. Police discovered an axe, a knife and a saw with Shepherd's blood on it in Roughan's shed. They also found clothing stained in blood, which also had Jones' DNA on it.

According to News.com.au, Roughan and Jones received life sentences for the murder. Three other men were also sentenced for aiding the concealment of the body. Jones was released from prison on parole after serving 15-years of his life sentence.

Born in Tyneside, Jones moved to Australia as a child. Even after living in Australia for years, Jones did not take up Australian citizenship. In 2005, he was living in Sandgate, north of Brisbane, with his parents. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton cancelled Jones' visa on character grounds. He stated that there is no place in Australia for foreigners who murder locals.

On Monday, Jones was escorted by the Australian Border Force onto an aircraft which has flown him to London.

Axe Murderer
British man deported for decapitating Australian teen with an axe, a saw or a knife. (representational image) Flickr